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5 Steps To Create A Luxury Hotel Bed For Your Master Bedroom

I don't know about you but I really enjoy vacations. There is something about getting away from the mundane 9-5, and changing your scenery that is invigorating to me. I love to stay in boutique hotels, and dream away in their posh luxury beds. But if your budget is tight or your schedule is too busy, you may not be able to get away on a lavish vacay. So, why not bring the luxury to your own room. Besides your worth it, and you will spend way more time in your own home then you would in a hotel, so make sure your room is the best reflection of you.

Here are 5 sure ways to create the luxury hotel bed. Start with your inspiration room (i.e. like the one shown below). Then follow the 5 steps....

Image Source: CITRINELIVING | by Tamara Anaka

1. Start with an affordable luxurious looking bed frame (and add a plush mattress)

2. Add in your base foundation with sheets (breathable fabric like cotton).

3. Add a layer of luxury with a quilt or blanket

4. Layer on the pillows

You can add in Euro Shams size 20X26 (if you have a queen size bed you may only need 2). Then add two 18X18 pillows in front. For symmetry finish it off with a rectangle or cylinder pillow.

5. Finish the look with comforter that has a beautiful pattern.

My favorite way to finish off a bed is to fold the comforter over the end of the bed

These 5 steps are a sure way to add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. To shop the look, simply click on each picture above.



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