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3 Simple Steps To Design The Perfect Pink Room

Looking to add pink to your space but not sure how to do it? I haven't always been the girl who loved pink. But lately the pale salmon pink is starting to become one of the colors I really like. Here are 3 simple ways to tastefully add pink to your space.

1. Add a Rug

Finding the right rug can help you with pulling in the right colors. If you are not sure what colors to add use your rug as a guide by choosing to accessorize with at least 3 colors you find in your rug.

2. Add Accessories

I would advise you to add color with accessories. It's a good idea to make sure your furniture is a nice neutral tone like gray or tan. That will allow you to change the colors in your room without having to buy new furniture

3. Use the Rule of Four

One designer tip is to choose a color (i.e like pink or gold) and add that color in four places in your space. In the above mood board we used gold in four places, the rug, mirror, coffee table, and lamp.

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