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Row 1 - Emerald Pillow | Green/Yellow/Blue Pillow | Blue/White Pillow

Row 2 - Burnt Yellow Pillow | Brown/Yellow/Cream Pillow | Black/White Pillow

Row 3 - Smoke Grey Pillow | Tan Texture Pillow | White/Blue Stripe Pillow

Row 4 - Turquoise Pillow | Pink/Yellow/Blue/Cream Pillow | Blue/Pink/Cream Pillow

Pillow combinations should be easy right? Well sometimes finding the right mix of pillows can be downright frustrating. But don't fret, here are 5 easy steps to mixing and matching pillows like a designer.

1. Pick a color scheme: Find a pillow that has multiple colors. Select out the colors that you would like to use as your scheme. Use that scheme to select other pillows that match the color scheme.

2. Add in some patterns: When it comes to patterns look for one large patterned pillow and a small pattern pillow. You would be surprised at how well things can go together if the scale is just right.

3. Mix in some texture: If you're not into a lot of colors, you can still achieve a polished look by using neutral colors with a mixture of textures. Try mixing woven, wool, velvet, linen, pom-poms, and etc.

4. Mix various sizes and shapes: To add dimension to your couch or sofa, try using various pillow sizes. A good rule of thumb is to have the larger pillow in the back and another around 2 to 4 inches smaller in front(i.e. Size 22 inch in back and 20 inches or 18 inches in front). If you are using a grouping of 3 pillows include a rectangular lumbar pillow).

5. Use down inserts: To achieve that full and fuffy designer look, be sure to order your down pillow inserts at least two inches larger than your pillow cover. This will provide a full and plush look for your pillows and they will hold their shape beautifully.

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